1) I already owned Art Explosion 250,000. I called and asked if the 800,000 was all new graphics or included the 250,000.

They said it was all new. Simply a lie. All the graphics from 250,000 are included. 2) Their online description says "you get a comprehensive 1800-page printed image catalog (available via mail-in offer.)" That does not make it clear that you have to pay shipping.

I e-mailed and called to complain, and got nothing but a run around - promises to investigate further, have my issue looked at by higher-ups, etc, but they ultimately never got back to me.

3) I finally paid the shipping fee for the catalog, which is much more useless than the catalog for the 250,000 graphics, as it has far fewer listings, even though it's a far larger set of graphics. 4) The file format is wmf, which is a much less common format than jpg or png.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nova Development Graphics Software.

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