Bought software products at Frye's and couldn't pass up the great rebates. Nova puts you off so hopefully a majority of customers will not recall they sent in rebates (since they take forever) and if you call in, they make more promises, but don't fulfill.

I am fighting same problem with Nova Development as others I've seen online. Bought on 1/1, they acknowledged my paperwork on 2/20, I had to call on 4/8 and got promised they were on the way, but had to follow-up again on 5/30 and just got another promise to send in 2-3 more weeks!!! I'm sure I'll have to contact them again and again.


Monetary Loss: $150.

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I ordered Greetings card box,and paid months ago Have given up expecting to receive the goods

They took the money from my bank account. which ammounts to stealing from an old lady .v

Thought I was dealing with a reliable honest firm . Disalusioned!!!


These comment are very TRUE. I purchased "Photo Explosion Deluxe V5.

Tried registering it online no success as it requires Italic Font. Tried Chat to at least point me to a right webpage, it took too long!!! And when it finally got manned the rep. was TOTALLY USELESS !!!

this $20.00 REBATE was a come on, and if and when you try to get it (rebate) they will come up with all excuses (I just came from a webpage that has similar complaints..)... Please do your research first or you will be victimized as I am and many others !!!!

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #701349

I just purchased "Resume deluxe" from Frys, along with receipts for a supposed 100% rebate. Like everyone else, I quickly learned that Nova's customer service SUCKS.

I've yet to hear of a single customer who was actually able to access Nova's rebate web site, or who received rebates via the mail-in option. Wish I'd known this before purchasing their software!

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