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Several days ago I purchased a new laptop with Windows 10. I had not purchased a computer in years and did not realize that they don't come standard with a cd rom drive.

I purchased Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe and downloaded it on 11/5/17 on old computer. I have had Hallmark Card programs for years and years. I did not see what year the software was which used to be standard to have the year of the software on the product. I chose to download "Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2017" but it would not load.

I emailed your company re: that it would not load and explained I picked the wrong product. I did finally find the product was a 2016 version.

No one has called me or emailed me back about this problem. I need help installing this product.

Reason of review: no reply after paying for a download.

Preferred solution: call me and help me download product as I have paid for it..

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Nova Development Verified Representative


I'm sorry to hear you have had difficulties installing Hallmark Card Studio. Can you send me a personal message with your contact information and I will forward that over to our technical support department to assist you.


Nova CS

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